It's Me!

Here's something about me:

I worked as a Graphic designer for 4,5 year and part of my job was to work with coders.
Coding seemed exciting and something I’d like to do myself.
So beginning of 2017 I took a study leave and went to finish up my studies in Haaga-Helia to become a Developer.
I’m graduating at the end of  2018.


I’m living in Helsinki, learning every day to be better at things like coding and cooking.
And generally in life of course.
I love summer, music, wine, hockey, french bulldogs and long walks.
I hate all things stupid.


If you managed to read this far here’s a truth about this website.
I don’t think this website as a normal portfolio anymore. Haven’t really in a long time.
But I kept it around because that’s how I got to learn more about stuff like
Wordpress, virtual hosting, DNS and SEO.


So if you thought the sites were somewhat crappy, don’t worry. Sometimes I think that way myself.
But then again something breaks, or game changing update comes along or I get an idea that I like experiment.
It is then when I remember why I have these sites that I so rarely update.

You can find my CV and contact information from LinkedIn.

Here’s a selection of tools I use day in an day out:

A selection of tools I use day in an day out