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Detect window focus change using React

Last week I learn how to code a toggle that detects if browser window looses or gains its focus.

Major refactorings to site

I published this blog first time on September last year. Now it was a good time for validations and to do some bigger rewrites

Daily trainings: Simple Search Bar animation

As a daily doodle this time I decided to recreate a simple and beautiful way to indicate the focused input by resizing it a bit with css animations when clicked.

Daily trainings: LinkedIn post box

This is a continuing blog post series about all kinds of front-end training, that I do to keep up with the world

New Year, same old me

Quick reflection on my goals for writing a blog and how I managed

Miksi oppia koodaamaan

Koodareita on ollut olemassa jo pitkään, mutta viime aikojen teknologinen kehitys on luonut valtavan kysynnän moninaisille ja eri tasoisille koodiosaajille. Digitalisaatio on muokannut viimeisen 10-15 vuoden aikana eri toimialoja radikaalisti ja samalla avannut niille aivan uusia tapoja luoda ja toteuttaa liiketoimintaa. Kirjoitin pohdinnan siitä miksi näin on ja ketä työvoimapulasta kärsivälle alalle oikein tarvitaan

Adding your custom domain to Netlify project

It's super easy to add your own custom domain to your Netlify project

Learning to build a React Native App: The Motivation

On one Sunday I decided that I'm going to learn to build a React Native App. Here's why.

Why blog? (again)

For me motivation to write a blog is not only about the posts but also about learning new things

Git reflog - A Hidden gem of git

Git reflog is amazingly handy command i managed to stumbled upon to not that long ago. Let me tell you why.

Miksi blogi? (taas)

Blogin tekeminen on paitsi yksittäisten postausten kirjoittamista myös jatkuva oppimisen prosessi