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Major refactorings to site

February 22, 2020

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Did some major refactors to the site

I end up renewing the whole blog last autumn and new sites was published in September. I wrote about the reasons why it was necessary for me to renew the whole site and the benefits gained on a blog post that you can read here.

Perfect is the enemy of good

I chose Gatsby as a framework to work with because I used it daily at work. It was just logical to have it here as well so that I can have my own project as a some sort of lab or platform that can be used in learning. Not knowing that much about the framework (or even React for that matter) I end up using some template and moved quickly to finnish up and publish at least something. The whole platform was built so that drafting and publishing posts should be as easy as possible.

At work we started a new project on January and I have being doing some config to eslint as the project advances. So today end up adding eslint to my blog project as well. And the results were terrible 😃. But not to worry. I know that no one or nothing is perfect or nor does it has to be. It’s only normal that things evolve over time and so they should. So today blog gave me an opportunity to refactor some lousy code for the better.

After adding eslint I end up taking a closer look to accessibility issues as well and did some refactoring to improve HTML semantics.

All the refactoring changes can be seen on Github at the blogs repository as commits that were made on Feb 22, 2020 here. And of course the better screen reader experience is (at least on mac) only on few keyboard strokes away behind cmd+f5 .