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New Year, same old me

January 09, 2020

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What I planned this blog would be

As I wrote in November on my post Why blog? (again) having a blog is (or at least should be) somekind of head fake for me. I’m writing this because it gives me a framework and structure to learn different things. At the end of the post I wrote that my goal would be to publish at least once a week something.

How did it go then

To be honest that goal did not stick. After few weeks I was back to my usual phase and even thingking about the next post caused more stress than it should have. Also the time and effort I would have to put into it all seemed too much in the pitch black autumn that we happen to have here in Finland. The end of the year deadlines in my regular work were enough to cope with.

Lessons learned

At least I know now that I really can not pull off once a week publishing phase. So let’s try biweekly schedule untill March. Also when it feels there’s too much work at the office I should still try to publish at least something so that there wouldn’t be those ugly two month breaks here.

Also I’m trying to make these posts shorter and if necessary break them into smaller pieces.

What’s going to happen this year

At the end of the 2019 we (as in the +6 person team) finished a major project. It’s a webshop for people to search and rend venues from hotels that are owned by one of the biggest players in the Finnish market. The service named Kokouskauppa lies heavily on React, Gatsby, GraphQl and CSS Modules.

The next project that I’m going to work on has some new elements with it. It will be also a pure web project (at least for me) but this time I get to tip my tows in to learn TypeScript and Emotion Js. I’m looking forward to the year and all the things I’m going to learn.

On November I also wrote about starting a hobby project with React Native. I’m still not abandoning the idea, but I need to make sure that I actually have the time to do it and rething the schedules so that I can set realistic goals.