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Mikko Metso

Hi! I'm Mikko and I'm a developer. I live and work in Helsinki.

Before coding I was a graphic designer. Back then I used to work a lot with developers and after a while wanted to become a coder myself. So off I went back to school and learned how to code. After graduating at 2018 I started earning my living as a developer.

Nowdays I do mostly all things frond end with frameworks, technologies and thingies like React, Redux, Gatsby and GraphQL.

For more Curriculum vitae :ish information check out my Linkedin profile. You can also find my coding profile from GitHub.

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New Year, same old me

January 09, 2020
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Quick reflection on my goals for writing a blog and how I managed

Why blog? (again)

October 05, 2019
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For me motivation to write a blog is not only about the posts but also about learning new things

Git reflog - A Hidden gem of git

October 01, 2019
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Git reflog is amazingly handy command i managed to stumbled upon to not that long ago. Let me tell you why.